What Temperature is Medium on a Grill?

There’s nothing like sinking your teeth into a nice steak at the neighborhood barbecue. Unless, of course, your steak is distastefully dry because the barbecuer didn’t know the right temperature. To avoid BBQ disasters resulting in dried-out favorites, it’s essential to understand your grill temperatures. Simply scroll down to get started.

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What Temperature Is Medium on a Grill

Now, most people can understand that low will equate to a low temperature that cooks foods at a slower rate. High means plenty of heat for scorching your meat. But what about the medium heat temperature? The simple answer is this: medium heat on a grill is generally 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Three Types of Grilling Temperatures

There are three cooking temperatures found on a grill. The temperature needed will change depending on the type of food being cooked. Let’s take a closer look.

  • Low (225°F to 325°F). Low and medium-to-low temperatures are best for smoking and slow cooking. The results are juicy and superior, although the foods require significantly more time to cook. Hot dogs and sausages are also recommended at a low temperature, so they don’t burst.
  • Medium (325°F to 375°F). A medium temperature is best used for thicker cuts of meats and poultry, including whole birds and bone-in chicken. Many filets of thicker fishes are juiciest at a medium temperature, too. 
  • High (375°F to 450°F). Meats that can be cooked to medium-rare, like burgers and vegetables, are best at a higher heat. Cranking the heat up to the highest setting will work well on thin meats that cook rapidly and need a good sear. 

Now, keep in mind that every gas grill is different. Some may be a bit hotter or colder than other models. However, these ranges are a reasonable estimation that can be followed.

How to Measure Heat on a Grill with a Thermometer

Knowing what temperature is medium on a grill means nothing if you aren’t sure how to measure heat on a grill correctly. The good news, it’s easier than you’d think. Most grills come with a handy thermometer that will inform you of the temperature. These gauges are typically found on the hood of a grill.

However, not all grills are created equal. Some grills do not include thermometers. In this situation, you can use a regular analog thermometer to find out your grill’s temperature. Simply rest the analog thermometer on the grill surface. Move the thermometer around from time to time to discover hot and cold spots to avoid while grilling. 

Remember that your grill should be preheated at least 15 to 25 minutes before checking the thermometer. Otherwise, you may use a temperature that is too high or too low based on premature temperature checks. 

How to Measure Heat on a Grill Without a Thermometer

Don’t have a thermometer? Don’t worry. While you might want to consider adding it to your next delivery, it’s not critical for checking your grill temperature. You can use the hand test instead. Here’s how.

  • Place your hand five inches above the grill.
  • If you can hold it comfortably for 5 to 6 seconds, your grill is at a low temperature (250°F).
  • If you can hold your hand comfortably for 3 to 4 seconds, then the grill is at medium heat (350°F).
  • If your hand becomes uncomfortable within 1 second, the grill is at high heat (450°F).

While this is not an entirely accurate way to check your grill temperature, it will get the job done. From here, you can raise or lower the heat as necessary. Repeat the process until the desired temperature has been reached.

Grill temperatures can make or break your next family barbecue. Get it right by paying attention to the thermometer, using an analog thermometer, or performing the hand check. Remember that some foods work well under low or high temperatures, but if medium is needed, it should be around 350°F.

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